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Yusuf Estes In Hurricane?

In Tampa, FL now - going to Ft. Lauderdale later today



"Almost Live Broadcasts"



"Yusuf Islam - Cat Stevens?"

Does Islam = Terrorism?




Sheik Yusuf EstesHurricane - Tampa Florida - Sheik Yusuf is There Telling the story! (Now - Sept 26)
Live feed - updated every hour - inshallah as long as the connections to internet are working here. ... click for more



Yusuf Before IslamYusuf Estes - DETAINED (but not under arrest?)
(Sept 12) He was pulled off British Airways going toward London on British Airways... read more



Yusuf Islam - singerYusuf Islam RETURNED? . . .
(Sept 20) "Cat Stevens" - Jazz Singer - "Detained" coming from London on United Airways . . . read more



   Yusuf Estes Ex-Preacher

How He Came to Islam ... read


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