Bismillah Rahman Raheem - Salam alaykum (peace to all who seek truth and guidance):
Re: GAYS: "Are They Muslims or Not?"
This email came to me unsolicited (I didn't ask for it) but I felt the need to provide a complete and correct answer, as much as I can, to this very serious subject and the implications that accompany it.
Please read it with compassion for those who do not know much about their new found religion of Islam and don't know how to deal with their particular feelings and keep in mind that many new Muslims are being tested with things from their "non-Muslim" past.
Subject: "Am I a Muslim?"

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Subject: "Am I A Muslim?"

"The first time I talked to someone about my being a Muslim, he told me that I could not possibly be a Muslim because I am white."

"The second time I talked to someone about my being a Muslim, he told me I could not possibly be a Muslim because I am an American."

"The third time I talked to someone about my being a Muslim, he told me I could not possibly be a Muslim because I am gay."

I believe there is no god but God and that Muhammad is His messenger and servant.
I pray five times a day.
I give to the poor.
I fast during Ramadan.
If God ever provides me with the means I will make the pilgrimage.

Am I a Muslim?
 David <real name deleted>
Bismillah Rahman Raheem
From: Yusuf Estes
Peace be unto all who follow true guidance:
Salam alaykum David:
Thank you for writing to me with your story. I read your little "Am I a Muslim?" article and frankly, it doesn't work.
I too am white, and American - and I pray and fast and have been for hajj, and paid zakat as well. But all of this does not insure my place in Jennah if I am not sincere and only Allah Knows what is in the hearts.
For sure anyone who is having sex without proper Islamic marriage is committing big sin and they need to repent. This is in Quran. Also, having relations with the same sex is forbidden in Islam - also in Quran. This is a huge problem and not something to splash all over the internet as though it is just another misunderstanding on the part of ignorant Muslims.
I will be the first to defend the truth if Allah will permit. Even though what you said about yourself is very incriminating and not the proper thing for a Muslim to do... it does not mean I can't think of you as a Muslim, nor does it mean you have to go to Hell.
Up to Allah
You might (might) be a Muslim and you might die in the condition of true Islam and that is all up to Allah Subhannah wa Ta'ala. He does control the life and death and the condition of the hearts. But you are going to be asked about what you were doing - really, your own body will be testifying against you (all of us will be in this condition).
What is Forgiveable
You might not (might not) be excluded from the Hell-Fire for a period of time. Allah tells us in the Quran that He does not forgive that anyone set up partners with Him in worship (shirk) and anything less than this He can Forgive. This includes whatever Allah says it includes and I, nor anyone else has the right to say what that is, other than what Allah has revealed.
What is Not
But a perfect way to be sure someone goes to Hell Forever (may Allah save us) is to make up something in the religion that is not there or to interpret the Quran or hadeeth according to their own desires or to leave out or add to these sources of Islam.
Exposing Sin - is Sin Too
Openly admitting and discussing something that is forbidden in Islam is another sin in and of itself, seperate from the other subject. This could wipe out any Mercy that would ordinarily accompany forgiveness from Allah and expose the person on the Day of Judgment to very horrible conditions and even cause them to enter Fire for at least a portion of time.
Changing Islam - Takes One Out of Islam
Trying to make something halal (permitted) that Allah has forbidden or making something haram (forbidden) that Allah has permitted is also another major sin and considered as an act of shirk in itself. Therefore, this too could appoint a place in Hell for the one who is doing so.
Real Question
The question is not whether or not you are a Muslim, as much as it is if you are a true and honest Muslim, trying your best to serve your Lord.
If the answer is, "Yes" then why not consider remaining silent about your particular proclivity and ask Allah for His Help and Forgiveness? 
You are a Muslim - IF...
You truly believe in Allah and then uphold all of the tenents of Islam in belief and in practice, as much as you can and make sincere taubah (repentence) for the shortcomings, mistakes and sins.
For more on this topic regarding what Allah has said about "gays" in Quran and how we should understand this in today's world,  - and how to answer those who say all gays cannot ever go to Paradise, visit our webpage at:
Yours truly,

Yusuf Estes
Director of Islam Always
Questions Answered - [email protected]
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Can Gays Be Muslims?

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Yusuf Estes
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